Terms & Conditions

Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully before using this website. These Sale Terms are applying to any order placed on the website www.blancetnoir.eu :


1.1 These Terms and Conditions are applying for you as a customer (hereafter Client) and e-commerce (hereafter Blancetnoir.eu ) relating to the sale and purchase of products on the website www.blancetnoir.eu. All sales transactions are effectual on a legal basis.

1.2 The sale and purchase of products via www.blancetnoir.eu will be governed by the following Terms and Conditions for all registered users of Blancetnoir.eu and guests who wish to purchase products via this website. These can not contradict the law of Estonian Republic and can be supplemented with additional provisions (information about goods, prices, etc).

1.3 At any time by updating the web page blancetnoir.eu reserves the right to update the website and may revise these Terms and Conditions relates product’s prices, descriptions, safety options, etc. From time to time, those options could change and our company is under no duty to notify Client of such updates. All changes become effective from the moment of updating this website.

1.4 If the Client placed an order before any changes to the conditions were made, the product is delivered to the Client in accordance with the previous conditions, except as other wise provided by the laws of Estonia or herein.


2.1 All prices of our products are in EURO and USD (US Dollar prices are calculated according European Central Bank (ECB) reference rates).

2.2 The shipping cost is not included in the price of product and it depends on order total weight and selected shipping method.

2.3 The prices can be changed by Blancetnoir.eu at any time without notice.

2.4 If an order was done before the price change, the product will still be charged at the rate prevailing at the time of the order. Blancetnoir.eu not refund the difference in price of products.

2.5 The final order price displayed in the personal shopping cart.


3.1The Client shall select a desired product on the www.blancetnoir.eu and add it to the Shopping Cart by clicking on the button “Add to Cart”.

3.2To place the order, the Client shall proceed to the Shopping Cart page: having selected shopping cart from the menu bar, click on the button “Checkout”, after which the Client shall be redirected to the page for placing the order.

3.3At the Step 1 “Checkout Options”, the Client can proceed as a guest or create an online account. By creating an online account, the Client can enjoy a quicker checkout process in the future and save delivery and payment details, also see the history of the orders. If the Client an existing customer, it is possible to log in to the account.

3.4Having entered the required information at the Step 2 “Billing Details” and checked the accuracy of given information, the Client shall click "Continue" button. This operation shall redirect Client to the Step 3 "Delivery Details", where delivery cost will be automatically calculated on the basis oftotal weight and Client location.

3.5After checking delivery costs and clicking on the “Continue” button, Client will proceed to the next Step 5 “Payment Method”. The Client shall immediately pay for the Product(s)by choosing preferred payment method. We accept next payment methods:

  • Credit / Debit card (Visa and MasterCard);
  • PayPal;
  • Bank transfer (bank transfer instructions will be shown after choosing appropriate payment method);

For libraries and institutions accepted invoice payment if prior arrangement has been made; payment due within 30 days of the invoice date; maybe arranged deferred billing on request.

3.6Once the payment method is selected and сonfirmation of agreement with the "Terms and Consitions" is checked with tick mark in approptiate box, “Continue” buttonshall redirect to the final Step 6 “Confirm Order”.On this step invoice is created and displaying on the screen. If "Bank transfer" has been selected as a payment method, on the Step 6 also provided payment instructions.

3.7 By clicking the button “Confirm Order” the Client will be redirected to the website of chosen payment service provider (PayPal or Maksekeskus located in Estonia). The invoice and order confirmation will be send to the indicated email address. The invoice will contain full list of ordered products, delivery method and cost, all required payment details and contacts. If the Client didn’t get a notification about the order, please contact us by info@blancetnoir.eu

3.8 The sale contract between Client and Blancetnoir.eu will be den as complete and formed, when we will send to the Client the dispatch confirmation email and when a full payment amount will be received on Blancetnoir.eu bank or PayPal account. Blancetnoir.eu secure payment provider record data, which will constitute the proof of the date and contents of the order.

3.9 After receiving payment, it will take us 1-3 business day to process your purchase.

3.10 In case, when money not received by our bank account during five business days, the order will be cancelled. These conclusion steps of the contract are applicable irrespective of the proceedings for buying via www.blancetnoir.eu.

3.11 By using the website www.blancetnoir.eu Client confirms that has read and accepts these Terms and Conditions and agrees with all applicable laws regarding the transmission of technical data exported from Estonia. All orders placed on www.blancetnoir.eu and delivered out of Estonia will be subjected to possible taxes and custom duties, which are imposed when the parcel reaches its delivery place. The Client is responsible, and has to take in charge these possible custom duties and taxes, related to the delivery of an item. Bancetnoir.eu is not responsible for checking and informing the Client of the applicable custom duties and taxes.


4.1 One payment is received,the products will be shipped to delivery address that was indicated.

4.2 We deliver worldwide using Omniva (former Estnonian Post) logistics company based in Estonia. The estimated delivery time depends on the shipping method and an order’s location.Registered standard shipping (non-express) is used for orders up to 1300 EUR. Delivery time takes between 5-20 days. Express Mail Service (EMS) is used for orders over 1300 EUR. Delivery time takes between 3-10 working days.

4.3 On larger orders could be offered shipping insurance (by prior agreement). Buyer pays insurance cost otherwise we are not responsible for items lost or damaged in mail.

4.4 Upon prior agreement may be used alternative shipping methods.

4.5 On orders weighing above 5,0 kg Client should contact Blancetnoir.eu for shipping quote.

4.6 Blancetnoir.eu informs the Client by email that the parcel has been dispatched and tracking number.

4.7 For security reasons Blancetnoir.eu will not send any order while it is not possible to identify the client’s address. Blancetnoir.eu is not responsible for any delivery delays or information mistakes provided by Client.

4.8 Blancetnoir.eu has the rights to adjust and amend these Terms and Conditions at any time.


5.1 According to the Law of Obligations, the Client has 14 days from the receipt of an order to return it to Blancetnoir.eu if the product was not suitable for the Client. In case of order return, the product should be in the same condition in which it was send by our company. Our company will not accept to pay back the order price to Client, if product of order has been sent back damaged, soiled or incomplete.

5.2 For order cancellation, the Client should send an email to info@blancetnoir.eu during 14 days from the delivery date. The main subjects of email should be the reason of order return, client’s name and order notification.

5.3 Blancetnoir.eu does not reimburse clients for return shipping costs. All returns must be sent by registered mail service (with tracking number).

5.4 If all the mentioned conditions are complied, return will be paid within 14 days after receipt of returned items.

5.5 We will refund you the price you paid for the Product(s) by the method you used for payment or another by agreement.


6.1 Blancetnoir.eu is liable before the Client for any damage resulting from violation of the condition sin accordance with the legal acts of Estonia.

6.2 The Client is liable before Balncetnoir.eu for any damage resulting from violation by the Client of the conditions. The Client is responsible for provided information and all the consequences that may arise from the information provided to them.

6.3 Neither of the parties is liable before the other one for conditions violated in the form of a delay or failure to comply with obligations in case this was caused by force majeure circumstances independent from the parties. The Agreement will be suspended during the period in which the force majeure event goes on and it is not a violation of the Conditions.

6.4 Blancetnoir.eu does not compensate for moral damage that caused by change of prices, product delivery time, in the framework of the current conditions.

6.5 Blancetnoir.eu does not refund the client's expenses caused by circumstances when the Client undertakes an obligation before third parties on conditions contradicting the current conditions.

6.6 Bancetnoir.eu will not reimburse for the Client any loss of profit, consequential or other economic loss due to changes in prices, delivery times, etc.

6.7 The maximum amount of compensation may be the cost of the product and ordered by the Client in www.blancetnoir.eu online store.


7.1 The use of www.blancetnoir.eu website and agreements for purchase of products, through this website will be governed by the Estonian law. If any of these General Sales Terms and Conditions or any provision of an agreement declared to null, then it does not affect the validity of other terms of the contract and replaced by another provision.

7.2 Any protest about these General Sale Terms and Conditions are governed by the Estonian law only.